Practice Management Software Troubleshooting

As we all know, a firm’s day to day operation is extremely dependent on their practice management software. When the software stops working as expected, this can be very frustrating. We have no desire to add to your frustration, but we will always start the troubleshooting with a few basic questions. It might seem trivial, […]

eBilling Woes

Does your firm submit invoices through a 3rd party invoicing system, such as TyMetrix 360? Sometimes you just cannot seem to get the invoices to submit!  You are not the only one….. There are many issues that firms run into when submitting a LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) invoice.  Maybe the line sum does not […]

PCLaw Invoices …. In Word???

Are you one of the firms that spend countless hours fixing your invoices from PCLaw after bringing them into Word? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to generate your invoices directly from PCLaw the way you want them.  Send the invoice straight to the client without having to fuss or mess with it in Word once it […]

Time For A Data Cleanup?

It’s been a long cold winter and now that the weather is starting to change many people are getting ready for their annual tradition of a big spring clean-up.  A time to put in a bigger effort than normal and get into all the places where gunk and junk build up over time and to […]

Navigating TM With Ease

Time Matters is a robust full Practice Management System with a plethora of great features and associated benefits. Given that most of us always want instant gratification, I am happy to talk about two of my favourite features which are both simple and efficient.  QUICK TABS There is information you search for on a daily […]

Corralling your contacts….

Or, you can just call ellwood…. What kind of shape is your contact data in? Are all your firm’s contacts in one place?  If your firm is growing, and you haven’t already got all your contacts into one centralized list, then you should definitely get that dealt with. If your contacts are all in the […]

New User Challenges

Whether it be new hiring spells, replacements for departed lotto winners, the ones on maternity and paternity leave and those that have relinquished life; you may be the chosen one assigned to or stuck with creating those new user accounts. As simple as it may sometime seem, creating a new user may turn you into […]

The People and The Process

Before you think about software, think about your people and your processes. Remember, software needs consistency to work best. As a Practice Management Specialist, I am constantly working with software. And sometimes I find myself so focused on what the software can do that I lose sight of the people who use the software, and how they […]

Better, faster document production. Easily.

We all know how letters and other documents actually get produced in most firms: the last similar correspondence is opened, saved as a different document and modified. This method does have benefits: In one fell swoop, you get the formatting, inside and outside contact information, matter information, etc. But there are also drawbacks – maybe […]

Understanding your current software before changing

We frequently go into firms to demonstrate accounting and practice management software products.  These demos are usually requested by firms contemplating switching from their current software to … another similar software. It is always surprising to me to find how many firms do not know the capability of their current software before they start looking […]

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