1. An example of the problem – a screenshot of any error message(s), or a video, if it’s a process – shows us the specifics of what the user is experiencing.
  2. If we’re dealing with an imbalance or mistake in a report, we’ll need copies of the report(s), and copies of earlier “normal” reports are also beneficial to us.
  3. Is this affecting everyone, or is it specific to the user reporting the problem?

Frequently, the reason for a Practice Management software glitch is an external component or system.

For example in, a Windows 7 or a Windows Server 2008 environment, just having the UAC (User Account Control)  at the wrong level will cause problems, ranging from not being able to log into the software to preventing the execution of particular processes of the Practice Management software.

Another common problem is a change to the firm’s antivirus or firewall software, which can exhibit the same results as the first example.

When troubleshooting PCLaw reports, things can get complicated quickly: There are over 60 standard reports available from the program, and users are also able to create their own custom reports as well. So, we need to start each investigation of reporting issues by looking at previous (presumably accurate) versions of the report in question. Once we know the exact nature of the problem, and when it started, we can assist the firm in determining the root cause of the discrepancy.

These general troubleshooting procedures can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to identify the problem, and get it fixed.

So, while these questions might seem frustrating, rest assured that they are absolutely necessary to get you back to productive work as quickly as possible.

ellwood Associates can always help with speedy resolutions. Please feel free to engage our Practice Management Specialists to assist.