There are many issues that firms run into when submitting a LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) invoice.  Maybe the line sum does not equal the amount billed, or you get an invalid_date error, or the timekeeper rate does not match, etc, etc, etc.

Recently, we were engaged by a firm that was unable submit their flat fee billings successfully. After many hours of corrections and submissions I was able to get the invoice to submit. I felt like I had conquered the world! Sometimes, it is not the way the dockets have been entered, it may be the way the template is generating the invoice. Not all vendors have perfected the e-billing template. In fact, most haven’t; they still need a little guidance since every firm bills differently.

After figuring out how the LEDES template should be, we were able to submit every invoice that was outstanding.

Every firm is different. They might be billing flat fee, hourly or contingency and using e-billing should not be a barrier. When you run into difficulties, why not ask a certified consultant for assistance?