The same principle applies to your technology.  Imagine you’re meeting with counsel and every time you go to their office their entire desk as well as the floor, the windowsill, and every other flat surface is absolutely covered with various old papers.  That’s how some of us in IT see the people who have their entire windows desktop covered in icons. Or your Documents share on the server has hundreds of extra folders and files strewn all over.  How can you find anything?  Why do you have 5 folders here all called “new folder” and ten documents named “test letter”?

Tidying up your desk (or desktop) is pretty easy and shouldn’t require any help for most people.  When its time to clean your HVAC (or IT), though, you should probably get the help of a professional.  Here are just a few of the things a consultant can do to help you get your IT infrastructure into tip-top shape:

  • We can show you the best ways to clean out all those duplicate and partial contacts left over from the time someone synchronized their phone with your Case Management contact list.
  • We can run reports and queries looking for data that can be tidied up en masse.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to delay an upgrade of PCLaw and Amicus for a few hours because the accounting department has been diligent about closing matters in PCLaw, but most of the files are still open and active in Amicus.
  • Through customization and training we can show you the features of Amicus and Time Matters that can help you work most efficiently.  For example, you can filter your lists to only show you the matters and documents you are actively working on and the people you are actively working with and reduce the clutter.
  • Perhaps when you started out there were only a few of you in the firm; everyone knew how and where the documents were organized and everything usually went into the proper folders.  Unfortunately, now you’ve grown to the size where you really should be considering proper Document Management.  Let us show you the options you have.
  • Most importantly, we can help you hunt down all those old backups and other big files that are hogging all the space on your server.  We can also check to see if any of your big data files can be reduced in size by cleaning up the log files or by purging old data you don’t need any more.  You never want to be low on space on the server’s hard drives.  It makes them run less efficiently and if you completely run out of space it will almost certainly lead to a crash.

Just like putting off spring cleaning, if you’ve been putting off doing data cleanup, things just keep building up over time and the job keeps getting bigger.  Maybe now is the time to tackle your IT cleanup. We can help.  Give us a call and let us see how we can get your firm running cleaner and better.